Your wedding day is among the most important, romantic and special days of your life. When you stand on the dance floor as husband and wife, all eyes will be focused on you under the spotlight. On this special day that you have been expecting for a long time, your first dance might either be an exciting moment or a terrifying one. 


To prevent your wedding dance turn into a nightmare and instead to enjoy it, you may take 4 or 5 private lessons from an experienced dance teacher. 


First dance lessons are becoming more popular and even a must for nearly wed couples. Hande Kayacik, who choreographed over 1500 couples’ first dance in last decade, has put her top tips for the perfect first dance. Whether you want something natural and relaxed or something a bit more complex that will wow the guests, you may benefit from her vast experience.


When to start taking dance lessons?

The sooner the better. Do not wait for the last moment. It is better to take dance lessons from an experienced wedding dance teacher 1 or 2 months in advance.


How to pick the perfect song for your dance?


The first step is to choose a song which shows your personality as a couple. Even if the first dance has a very romantic feel to it, you don’t have to go for a classically romantic song. You can choose something that has a special meaning to you. Also, listen carefully to the musicality of the song and make sure your dance can flow with it. Some songs are great to sing along to, but this doesn't necessarily mean that they are good for dancing. 


Keep it simple and short.


Dancing is really about being able to do any movement that brings you joy. As there will be many things to think about on your special day, you wouldn’t want to worry about memorizing a long routine. So keep it short, simple and sweet. In this way, you’ll leave your audience for wanting more. I suggest you to use only a part of the song and keep it around two minutes. If it gets longer, it seems like eternity.


Learn how to hold each other.


A proper dance position gives you a more polished, confident and professional look. This way, you look great in pictures as well as you feel connected to each other while you are dancing.


Don’t Look Down At Your Feet

Even if you look down, long dress won’t let you see your feet. So, do not get used to doing that. Besides, when the groom looks down, he seems like focusing on bride’s breasts during the dance!!! If you maintain a proper dance position and an eye contact with your partner, you will dance safely without stepping on each other’s feet. Plus, you will look more relaxed and comfortable.


Take your wedding dress and accessories into consideration.


A long skirt with long tail or a long veil on the back can easily affect your dance routine. It is easy to stick a heel to a long skirt or pop out of a strapless dress! This is why you should avoid bride’s backward steps on your chorography. Also, keep in mind that some hair accessories may fall off during extended dips. This is why we recommend you to practice with an experienced wedding dance teacher; to stay clear of such incidents.


Make a rehearsal


Make your dance rehearsal on the wedding day with your wedding dress and shoes on. Brides must bear in mind that the heels can really affect their balance. During your rehearsal, determine the spot on the dance floor where you will be dancing.  Try to keep close to the center of the dance floor, so that everyone can easily see you.


DJs and Photographers


Ask from your photographer to focus on both of you when you are dancing and not to miss the beautiful poses on your chorography. You may also warn them not to focus too much on your faces during the dance, but to capture you head to toe. As a result, after the wedding, you can watch your dance, not your faces.


Also, make sure that you have sent the right version of your song to the DJ. This way, you won’t get confused on the dance floor over a remixed track, because it is not the same one you have been practicing to.


Finally Keep Smiling


What if you make mistakes while you dance… Well, just don’t worry! No one knows your dance routine, other than you two. It is possible that you may step on the skirt, miss the beat or even forget the figures. Guess what? Your guests will not notice a thing as long as you stay calm and keep dancing.


Know that, no one will be looking at your feet as you dance. All the focus goes to your face and upper body. So, keep your head up, hold your back straight, smile and enjoy the moment! It is your wedding day… You should look happy! If you smile, you will not only feel more relaxed and look confident, but also look much better in the pictures.


Couples, who took wedding dance lessons, say that, it is one of the best and most enjoyable experiences that they shared together during their wedding planning…. What about you? Are you ready for dance lessons? 


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