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Tips & FAQs

  1. Have a musical rehearsal on the dance floor with your DJ on the wedding day. Tell him when to start the music and when (if needed) he may end the music.

  2. Decide where you will dance during rehearsal. Be sure to dance where everyone can see you and always center the floor. 

  3. Before the wedding, be sure to repeat your dance with your wedding shoes and, if available, a dress similar to your wedding dress.

  4. Warn your Photographer not to miss the beautiful figures and poses in your choreography. Also, let him focus on you during your dance. Instead of focusing on your face by taking it very close up, ask him to shoot from the side. Otherwise, the dance you have prepared will not be visible in the camera or photograph.

  5. Finally, SMILE and enjoy the dance! Believe me, even if you make any mistake, no one will notice it there. As long as there is a smile on your face.

When Should We Start Lessons?

As soon as possible! Remember that as the big day approaches, the number of things you need to do will increase. Therefore, do not stress yourself by leaving the dance last. It will be enough to start classes a few months before your wedding day.


Don't have time to spare? Don't worry. It won't take you 2 full months to learn the wedding dance. You can impress your guests with an accelerated program of 2-3 classes on average.

Can I learn to dance by watching the video? 

If you've had dance lessons before, why not. However, people who have not received dance training before, may have difficulties in learning dance by watching videos. It would be better to take lessons from an instructor who will correct you when you make a mistake and answer any questions you may have. In addition you will not only be limited to what the video teaches, but you will both progress faster when you take lessons from a dance instructor.

Can we learn via ZOOM?


Why not? Since pandemic started we practiced via ZOOM with tens of couples. You will be amazed how easy we can teach online as well. All you need is a high internet connection and a place to dance.

How should we choose our Wedding Music?

When choosing wedding music, first of all, make sure to choose music that you both love, have shared memories and have a meaning for you. If you couldn't find such music, we would be happy to assist you with our music archive.

We recommend that you pay special attention to the lyrics of the songs when choosing your music. A song that begins with a romantic and pleasant melody may actually be about the pain of separation. Beware of! Finally, our brides may have difficulties in very fast rhythm pieces due to their heavy and fluffy wedding dresses.

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My husband doesn't want to dance. What can I do?

Unfortunately, especially our gentlemen are very prejudiced in this regard. They have a thought in their minds like 'Dancing breaks us down';. However, be careful that when the music starts playing at a wedding, they are the ones who dance first on the floor.


If your partner will feel pressured and uncomfortable in the studio, offer to take classes online at your home. So he will feel more comfortable.

We don't have any dancing skills. Do we still have a chance to do this?

Of course there is. Have you studied dance before? If you haven't, you don't know if you have a talent for dancing. Don't be prejudiced! I do not believe that there is a person who cannot dance with a systematic and technical training that I have developed based on my lessons learned and given over many years. I have never encountered such a thing in any student I have taught until now.

If you can walk, you can dance.

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