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wedding dance checklist


If you want to have an unforgettable first dance at your wedding, here is a first dance checklist for you! You can proceed step by step to make your job easier and realize the dance of your dreams:

·  What kind of dance do you want to do? Get inspired by watching Wedding Dance videos on social media to decide.

·  Start listening to first dance songs. We have already created a playlist to make your job easier.

·   Filter the lyrics of the songs you like , do the words describe you and your relationship?

·   Dance with the music you choose with your spouse at home and capture yourself with the camera. If you like the dance you watched, you can continue by skipping the next option. If you think that the image you are watching needs minor touches or that the situation is dire and needs urgent rescue, call us immediately. Don't be afraid, we can easily prepare your dance with 2-3 hours of practice.

·   Start wedding dance lessons.

·   Shorten your dance song to 2-2.5 min

·   Arrange your dance choreography according to the edited version of the music.

·   When planning the flow of the wedding day during the coordination meeting, allocate time for a dance rehearsal. A brief rehearsal on the wedding day will allow you to get accustomed to the wedding dress and dance more comfortably.

·   Practice your choreography frequently with the veil, and wedding shoes until you feel confident.

·  Don't forget to share your wedding dance music with your DJ.

·  And smile big. You are ready for the First Dance.

wedding dance checklist

Hope you have an amazing first dance on your wedding day! 🎉

Stay with Love and Dance

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